What it really takes to colour your hair

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Screen Hir Article

Nowadays, thanks to social media; it appears your favourite celebrity or vlogger goes from raven black to peachy platinum blonde in an instant and vice versa. The reality is that colouring hair just doesn’t work like that and has put us hair colouring experts under pressure to educate our clients about achieving the look they want while maintaining optimal healthy hair!

To start with, us hair colouring experts like our Maz at Sogo who has spent years learning about hair colour swallows a chill pill when a client comes in demanding the latest rainbow colours and then gets down to a bit of detective work to uncover the history of the clients’ hair. Taking this time to screen and understand the individual’s hair ensures results that exceed expectations and maintain or improve its condition.

At Sogo, this screening process gives us an accurate picture of a client’s hair history, even before we touch their hair. It involves us looking at selfies (yes, we know – social media can be helpful), understanding the client’s goals, unlocking the hair’s history need by testing on hair strands.

Check out a test strand we have completed

A desire for a dramatic change in colour requires communication and commitment. Honest communication from your hair colour expert to understand whether the look you want to achieve is actually achievable. Where the desired results are achievable, commitment to understanding that it may take more than one go to achieve those results. Commitment to using recommended products and undertaking the additional steps to a daily/weekly routine to maintain the best condition, wellbeing of hair and look. This takes a bit of time to put together and is rather involved, yet it helps expert hair colourists know what steps to take to give clients the look they want.

Going to a salon which does not offer a screening service when looking to colour hair, could have drastic consequences.  Worst case scenario is hair strands could quite literally fry and compromise the structural integrity of a client’s hair. Our rather strict screening makes sure that we will know how a client’s hair will react to a particular colour treatment, so we can experiment to find the right option for each individual.

To recap, share your hair goals with your hair colour expert and make sure they test strands. It’s a small price to pay to get the colour you want. All good hair colouring experts can let off a sigh of relief and hold their heads up high when clients understand that they take this precaution for the respect they have for themselves, their work and their client’s hair. It’s all about the hair after all.


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