Turn up the heat with De Lorenzo’s new range

De Lorenzo Heat Defence range protects hair against damage of thermal styling tools

Don’t let styling your hair stress you out

If you love using hot irons, hair dryers and tongs all the time like we do – you are going to love  the new De Lorenzo Heat Defense range which works super hard to protect your hair from all the damaging effects of those hot elements! We have been using it when we are working on clients and the results speak for themselves.
De Lorenzo Heat Defence range protects hair against damage of thermal styling tools
Here are some of the questions our clients have been asking about the range we thought were interesting:

How does it work?

Those clever clogs at De Lorenzo’s scientifically engineered formulation using Aqua Therm Complex Technology provides the ultimate anti-breakage protection. It actually reduces hair breakage by up to 88% when you first use it.  We think that is pretty clever.

Does it suit all types of hair?

Yes yes yes  and yes!

What’s the best way to use this range? How much should I use?

The best way is to use both Thermal Shampoo and Thermal Conditioner together as you would a normal shampoo and conditioner – you only need enough to cover a 10c piece.  Before using your irons, dryers tongs you can spray Extinguish or pump a drop of Thermal Argan Oil onto your damp hair and style as usual.

How long will the bottles last me?

Depends on how often you you cleanse your hair and the amount of hair on your head we can safely say that you will get over 30 shampoos and conditions per wash.  The Exitinguish spray and Thermal Argan Oil pump will last a lot longer as you only need teeny tiny amounts of that.

Is it safe to use everyday?

Yes but we recommend if you don’t need to cleanse your hair every day don’t – it’s better for your hair and also easier on your pocket.

Will it damage my coloured hair?

The benefits of the sulphate and paraben free formula means it is safe to shampoo coloured hair and will also help reduce fade.

Why do we recommend it to customers?

It’s the perfect range for our customers who want to look well groomed and use heat to style their hair like dryers, hot irons or tongs.  The range is not tested on animals but proven to reduce breakage caused from all thermal styling tools.