Summer is here and the trend is blonde blonde blonde

Whether it’s nirvana blonde, platinum blonde or butter blonde when it comes to the summer months girls just want to be blonde.

Word of warning though going blonde doesn’t happen in a flash. Great care and knowledge of each person’s hair colour history and its condition needs to be considered.

Stars in the limelight have always inspired hair trends and even they have had to be patient in attaining their ideal hair colour result.

Take for example Selena Gomez’s latest Nirvana Blonde look; her hair colourist Riawna Capri said on Instagram, “it took nine hours, in excess of 300 foils, 8 bowls of bleach, 2 operators patiently and diligently working simultaneously producing packets of Baby fine lights and heaps of patience.”

selena gomez nirvana blond

Anything is possible, we just need to apply expertise, patience and commitment to maintain the integrity of the hair.

As a guide, we have put together a collection of some of our fave hair and what Delorenzo novafusion colour shampoos we recommend to maintain the look of the colour. All images taken from Harper’s Bazaar 40 of the Best Blonde Hair Ideas article.

For Beyoncé’s liquid caramel hair tones; we would recommend novafusion beige blondes once a week.


Lady Gaga Rose gold sophistication we’d recommend alternating rose gold with copper and sometimes even mixing the novafusions together.

lady gaga

To freshen up Nicole Kidman’s blonde look we would alternate between Beige blonde and silver novafusion.

nicole kidman

Elizabeth Olsen’s Shadow Roots are achieved by shampooing them with cool naturals .

elizabeth olsen

And Kate Hudson’s ashy hue is perfected when using novafusion silver shampoo and Silver conditioner .

kate hudson

Any blonde is achievable; you just need to make a plan, stick to it and products that support the tonal hue and look. Enjoy summer ladies!!