Straighten your hair in 10 steps


Straightening hair can be easily done by yourself in the comfort of your own home with the help of a few tools and products. Tools like big round brushes, sectioning clips, hairdryers and straightening irons are ideal for a smooth finished look. It is essential to use a thermal styling product to ensure your hair is protected from heating appliances. Here’s our 10 steps to straightening your hair

  1. Start off with clean hair, spray in Delorenzo’s Extinguish thermal spray
  2. Distribute smoothing out product like Delorenzo’s The ends or Eleven’s Miracle hair into wet hair and proceed to dry off
  3. When semi dry (moist not drenched wet) start to section hair
  4. Create your parting and comb into place
  5. Starting at the front take diagonal sections just above the ear about 5cm thick. Place the round brush at root area and blow the air onto hair starting at the roots and proceed to smooth hair out stretching it out to the ends in a circular motion
  6. Continue with the next section above and proceed to the top. Continue with the other side and follow the same instructions
  7. When you are ready for the back area part hair in the middle and smooth out towards the front
  8. When you get to crown area instead of taking it forward take section up
  9. Connect all sections in each quadrant and smooth together to ensure silkyness
  10. Dress the hair with either Delorenzo’s Afterglow shine or KevinMurphy’s Easy rider anti frizz creme for more stubborn hair

Watch our video to see the steps demonstrated