Be bold, playful, highlight and have fun with hair colour or cover up a grey hair or two (we won’t tell) *wink*

Types Price
Part line $88.00
Half head $145.00
Full head $226.00
3/4 $184.00
Tints T-section $70.00
Roots $91.00
Short $104.00
Medium $121.00
Long $132.00
Semi colour Short $93.00
Medium $104.00
Long $94.00
Full head bleach Roots $122.00
1 Application $164.00
2 Applications $195.00
3 Applications $227.00
Balayage from $163.00
Toner Short $29.00
Medium $39.00
Long $50.00
Colour correction Short $109.00-130.00
Medium $130.00-$155.00
Long $155.00-$177.00
Tint back from $163.00
Extra colour usage 10g $11.00
Colour shampoo or condition $12.00-$20.00
American Crew precision colour for men $49.00
Colour eliminator a gentle removal of artificial hair colour
Short $130.00
Medium $153.00
Long $174.00

Please note – these service prices may vary depending on the amount of work that needs to be done. Please consult your stylist.

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