Learn the secrets of work life balance with our superstar, Maz

Image for article where Maz shows us her super mum powers
Faster than the sharpest scissors. More powerful than an ionic hairdryer. Able to colour hair like no other. Look! Up in the sky. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s SuperMaz!
Yes, our very own Maz, juggles her colourful role in the Sogo businesss, her family – two boys and a hubby and not forgetting her sisters, parents and extended family and her own interests – making it look effortless.
After years of trying different ways to achieve a sense of work/life balance, SuperMaz shares her top tips for finding a work life balance


  • Stop feeling guilty – be kind to yourself. As women, we can often carry guilt about not sizing up to the domestic goddesses society portrays. A wise woman (a Mum of four in the corporate world) once told me “I don’t care!” Everyone has their own measure of what is important to them. Match this up with respect for Yourself , and you have your own personal winning formula.
  • Take time out for yourself, be it meditation, yoga, hitting the gym, walking around the block without any interruptions  – whatever you enjoy and remember: time out is time out.
  • For me, time out is meditation. I use the 1 Giant Mind app and it has helped me understand that meditation is not about levitating. I have found inner stillness/mindfulness through acceptance. Whether it be 10, 15 , 20 min or even just a walk in the park being present in this wondrous world, it’s time that I dedicate to me.
  • Having my hair looking good is really important for Me as a colourist. Finding the time to have my colour done can be a bit of struggle to wedge in. I can save time with a T section colour service: ie; colour my regrowth an inch either side of where my part is and along my hairline. It’s quick, easy and matched with a novafusion colour shampoo and/or a fabuloso colour conditioner (tailored to the rest of my hair colour) – I feel a million bucks at a fraction of the time.
  • If I seriously don’t have time I just spray my parting with Kevin Murphy Retouch Me and I’m as good as GOLD.