Kevin Murphy Plumping Wash – turn up the volume for your hair!

July product of the month – Kevin Murphy Plumping Wash


We work with some pretty amazing products and get questions from our customers about them all the time. So, we decided to create a product of the month each month and share your questions and our answers.  This July, let’s look at one of our faves – Kevin Murphy Plumping Wash.  Our customers want to know how they can create more volume for bigger hair and/or prevent their hair from thinning.

Does it really work to volumise my hair?

Yes. If you have fine and limp hair and you want some extra volume and height.

How does it work?

Kevin Murphy recommends using all three products in the Plumping range. The Plumping Wash helps with adding strength and density to the hair, the Plumping Rinse helps with restoring the hair and finally the Body Mass is a leave in spray which will help thicken hair and prevent any breakage . Also helps strengthen the hair at the root to prevent thinning or falling hair. PRETTY AMAZING!!  Also packed with delicious natural goodness for your hair – nettle extract, ginger root extract, rice protein, shea butter, parsley extracts and lotus flower extract to name a few. Oh and the Body Mass spray has the same technology like those used in eye lash mascaras  – the ones that encourage hair growth and thickness.

What if my hair is thinnish and frizzy?

It is designed for thinnish hair and will help with controlling frizz. This product is for you.

What’s the best way to use this product? How much should I use?

Kevin Murphy recommends using all 3 products together. Can use daily if you are experiencing hair loss or every couple of days for volume and length.

How long will a bottle last me?

It varies between your hair length and density. Oh and how often you will shampoo etc. Anywhere between 3-5 months. We think it’s a great investment.

Are there any other products that I need to use with this one?

Apart from Wash, Rinse and Body Mass spray you can use any other styling product you like. For example a heat protected spray or hair spray – we recommend Shimmer Shine from Kevin Murphy as Sogo’s fave!

Who is this product for?

Clients that have fine hair that want volume and length plus those clients that are starting to experience some thinness (boys use it too shhhhhh)

Is it safe to use everyday?

Absolutely. Kevin Murphy recommends daily use for thinning out hair.

Will it damage my coloured hair?

Oh no way!!!!

Ask us about this product and its range in the Sogo Salon or share your experience with this product below 🙂