Go green with De Lorenzo products

Sogo Hair is very lucky to be able to align ourselves with forward thinking companies.

Companies like, all Australian De Lorenzo is extremely forward thinking. Using certified organic ingredients derived from sustainably farmed plant and vegetable extracts, they make hair products that are good for us and the planet.

That sounds pretty vegan to us – you could almost eat their products, but we wouldn’t recommend that. They include low levels of ammonia to help reduce fading in the sun and provide superior shine and longevity.  Their hair colours also come in an amazing array of colours to suit your every mood.

We also love that De Lorenzo maintains a cruelty free philosophy and thereby never ever test their products on animals.

A family business, De Lorenzo was formed when hairdressers and brothers, Vincent and Anton de Lorenzo began experimenting to manufacture products for their clients in the 1950’s in Sydney. They were driven to make haircare solutions to suit hair and scalp types.

Today, the succeeding family owners are totally committed to educating the world on being responsible and protectors of the environment. They even harvest rainwater to use in their products. They use scanners in their warehousing to minimise the need for paper and aim to be a paperless plant.

All of De Lorenzo’s packaging can be recycled from the plastics to the paper used and we are committed to making sure that we give our used up plastics to our Sustainable Salons Australia program for recycling.

Next time you’re visiting Sogo, ask us about the De Lorenzo range of colours and products – our close relationship with the De Lorenzo family ensures that we stay on top and understand the benefits of their range for each individual.

We love our planet and we love De Lorenzo.