For the manly men out there: How to grow and care for a beard

Growing a beard can be an expression of freedom, but it’s also a commitment. Beards don’t take care of themselves any more than your hair or your lawn. If you want a beard, you’re going to need to know how to grow and care for one.

So when you’ve just past the stubble stage here are a few tips that we are confident you will achieve a luscious beard worthy of mention.

Just be warned – if you’re starting from scratch, it’s going to get itchy.  From no beard to weeks you will just have to man up and get through this stage – it will stop itching soon enough. A good beard oil to keep the area well moisturised will help.

In the first few days of stubble, you could try Soft Goat Scruff and Goatee Softener to soften the hairs and keep you sexy and kissable xx

Once you get through the first two weeks – here are our step by step guide to the beard of your dreams!

#1 Let it grow 

Wait a few months before trying to shape your beard even if You are planning to keep it short and close to face in the long run. Shaping and trimming beards too early could lead to mistakes that could take weeks or months to fix. Let it go wild first and once you have an inch or an inch and a half , start to shape it.

#2 Keep it moisturised

Use beard oils or even almond oil to moisturise beards especially just under chin at top of your neck.

#3 Detangle it

Use a small brush to brush through beard that can help in the shaping and set angle knots.

#4 Trim it

Nowadays there is a vast variety of beard trimmers either online or in shops for sale. Beard trimmers are great for getting rid of excess growth by using trimmer guards and also without guards they are great to contour and hedge your desired shape of your beard.

#5 Remember it’s hair 

Keep in mind that beards are actually hair, so shampooing and conditioning  them keeps them looking and feeling good. It’s just a little extra step in the shower.

Keeping beards looking good just takes just a little extra commitment.

Whether you are short, medium, long or a glitter beard always remember our easy tips.

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