De Lorenzo Novafusion Colour care shampoo

Want to help your colour last longer and eliminate fade? 


Novafusion Colour care shampoo range was formulated by De Lorenzo to control colour fade in natural and coloured hair.

Using UV inhibitors and botanical extracts Novafusion Colour care range aims to improve condition and shine.

There are over 15 colours available in the Novafusion Colour care range to suit most hair colours and tones.

How to use Novafusion Colour care shampoo

  1. Massage the Novafusion Colour care shampoo that matches your natural/coloured hair colour into freshly shampooed hair and leave in for up to 5 minutes.
  2. Rinse.
  3. Condition and style as desired.

That is it – SIMPLE – watch De Lorenzo’s video below to see Novafusion in action!!

Voila blondes are clean and not brassy, brunettes are rich, fashion colours are vibrant.

Here are some FAQs our beautiful customers ask us about De Lorenzo Novafusion Colour care shampoo

How much should I use?  

Use 1 pump for short hair & 2 pumps for medium hair and 3 pumps for really long hair.

Is it safe for everyone or to use everyday?

The Novafusion Colour care shampoos are safe to use everyday, but we recommend that you don’t shampoo everyday unless you really have to. Using them everyday intensifies your colour.

How long will a bottle last me?

A 250ml bottle of Novafusion Colour care shampoo will last anywhere from 3-6 months depending on the frequency of shampoos and usage. Vibrant colours and blondes need consistent colour maintenance so we would recommend a higher usage for optimal results.

Are there any other products that I need to use with this one?

Ideal products that work well with Novafusion Colour care shampoo are pre-shampoos that prepare the hair for Colour maintenance. We recommend De Lorenzo’s Absolute Deep Cleanser from their Essential Treatments range, De Lorenzo Moisture Balance and Control shampoos. Kevin Murphy’s Maxi, Angel, Hydrate-Me or Plumping washes will work well too.

To seal and give yourself a conditioning treatment, try colour moisturisers like Revlon Professional  Nutrition Colour crèmes.

The entire De Lorenzo Novafusion Colour care range and all De Lorenzo and Kevin Murphy products are available within the Sogo Salon – feel free to talk to us about the right combination for you. 

Thinking of changing your colour?

Novafusion Colour care range are a great way to introduce a deeper tone to new hair.  Just apply as directed above.

The colourful possibilities are endless