Love the Sogo sirens

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I’ve been fortunate to have had the services of each Sogo siren; Maz, Emma and Sofia.  They are the ultimate professionals with amazing talent to give you the hair you want. Groovy tunes and great coffee are always on offer and who can forget the luscious head massages at the wash station. I always walk out of Sogo feeling fresh and happy. I give Sogo 5 stars!

Christina Hrisatis

5 stars all the way!

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Really great haircut and service! I give Sogo 5 stars!

Bayard Bavdoin

Maz and me for over 20 years!

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I’ve been getting my hair cut and coloured by Maz for almost 20 years. If she wasn’t a great cutter and colourist, I wouldn’t come back. My friends frequently comment glowingly on my hair and it’s all down to Maz. I give Sogo 5 stars!

Fiona Monro

Sticking to Sogo like glue

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I love coming to you girls – I’ve never stuck with a hair salon in my life, but I found Sogo and I’ll never go anywhere else. You treat your clients so well with a lot of love and a lot of care; it’s also really refreshing to see how important environmental sustainability is to you and your practice. I give Sogo 5 stars!

Isabel Holloway

Always get a reminder

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The Sogo girls always call and let me know if they’re running late for any reason and I always get a reminder message for my appointments. They are always friendly and professional. I love coming in and always getting a friendly greeting from the whole team. I’ve always been happy with the quality of my haircut and the service is great every time. I give Sogo 5 stars!

George Michalopoulos

Go green with De Lorenzo products

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We Sogo girls are very fortunate as a salon, to be able to align ourselves with forward thinking companies.

Companies like, all Australian De Lorenzo, which uses certified organic natural based ingredients derived from plant and vegetable extracts which are sustainably farmed and wild-harvested whenever possible and always made in Australia too.

That sounds pretty vegan to us – you could almost eat their products, but we wouldn’t recommend that as they also include low levels of ammonia to help reduce fading in the sun and provide superior shine and longevity.  They also come in an amazing array of colours to suit your every mood.

We also love that De Lorenzo maintains a cruelty free philosophy and thereby never ever test their products on animals.

A family business, De Lorenzo was formed when hairdressers and brothers, Vincent and Anton de Lorenzo began experimenting to manufacture … Read More »

Kiss frizzy hair goodbye with Cezanne professional treatment

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You know what it’s like, a bit of humidity in the air and whoof! say hello to frizzy, fluffy hair! We will try all sorts of quick fixes to bring our hair back under control to no avail.

The only thing that has kind of worked till now have been chemical straighteners that  promised the world but only damaged hair with nasty and corrosive chemicals. –

Introducing Cezanne and Cezanne Express treatments (see prices here).

Both work on all hair types and are both without formaldehyde or any other toxic ingredients.

They both have a blend of keratin (natural protein) aloe, botanical extracts vitamins and soybean oil – an injection of goodness for your hair.

Hair can be coloured and shampooed immediately after treatment.

Hair will still have volume and movement.

And, the best thing – Cezanne lasts up to 10 weeks – yes 10 weeks (almost 3 months!) … Read More »


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Maz has been making my hair look freaking Amazing for five years now, it’s difficult to work with due to the length but Maz is a Pro when it comes to cutting and colouring very long hair. The team at Sogo are always friendly, the place has a really positive vibe, I feel great every time I walk out of the door. Highly recommended, would not go anywhere else!


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Amazing. Emma listened to me and has once again giving me beautiful colour. I walked out with my head held high! Love her!


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Thank you for the amazing service, attention to detail and love. I have seen hairdressers all around Australia and Sogo have been the best so far. I have been to some really high priced places I won’t even bother mentioning because those places had terrible service and cuts. After surviving two hair disasters in a row elsewhere it was a relief to be given an amazing cut, colour and service thanks Maz!! I will be back 🙂


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So my aim was to get to a clean white platinum blonde.
I went to hairdressers previously and because my hair was so dark they ensured me that’s it just wasn’t doable. Other salons had bleached my hair and turned it into a brassy tone with foils everywhere…it looked so weird I was seriously devastated.
After looking googling salons and places to get ‘my hair did’ I saw that Sogo had plenty of good reviews.
Maz was really attentive and told me that this will be a bit of a process seeing as my hair did have 7 different tones through it. Though after only two sessions my hair was lifted to a white blonde just as I wanted! It looks absolutely awesome and I have received so many compliments!
Thanks so much Maz!
I definitely recommend Sogo!


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No surprise they have so many great reviews.
They were lovely, and best of all use cruelty free products like De Lorenzo so not animal cruelty. Thanks heaps 🙂


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I simply won’t go anywhere else in Melbourne since discovering the team @sogo. They work with my budget to deliver amazing results every time- and even resurrected my hair from an at home disaster like the miracle workers they are. Always so positive, and cheery it is such a treat to get my hair done at Sogo, and the little thoughtful details like fabulous coffee or a cheeky vino and amazing scalp massages. I recommend them to everyone! They were recommended to me and I am so so grateful! Thanks Sogo team for being the best hair experience in town!

So what’s all the fuss about Olaplex?

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I don’t know about you, but it seems that everywhere you turn, all you hear about is Olaplex! It has taken over the world and we’ve been treating our clients’ hair with amazing results!

So, just what is Olaplex?

Olaplex is a hair repair treatment  that has been getting a lot of wows in the community for a while now. Especially for people who have damaged hair from excessive bleach or sun. People talk about getting the hair they had in their 20’s back and it’s being hailed as the ‘holy grail’ of treatments.

Developed by two PhD’s in Materials and Chemistry, Dr. Eric Pressly and Dr. Craig Hawker, a single active ingredient Olaplex was designed to reconnect the disulfide sulfur bonds (let’s leave all the scientific talk to them) broken by the process of permanent hair coloring and lightening – which translates to stronger, shinier hair … Read More »

What happens to your hair after giving birth

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With mother’s day on the horizon, we thought we’d turn our attention to all the new mums out there!

There are lots of beautiful things about becoming a new mum. Pregnancy (after the morning sickness) makes you glow, your hormones are gearing up to grow a new person and you’re skin and hair have never looked better!

However, not a lot of people really talk about how your body (and skin and hair) rebuilds itself after giving birth. Hair loss after pregnancy can be the sudden shedding (sometimes in clumps) that many new mothers experience between three and six months after they give birth.

Here are our tips that may help look after your hair after birth and make you feel more like yourself:

Be extra-gentle during your shedding season to prevent excess hair loss after pregnancy. Use a Tangleteezer (special detangling brush – … Read More »

Sofia has made it to American Crew Face Off Competition Finals – AGAIN!

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We are super excited to announce that one of the super bad boy looks created by our very own Sofia is once again in the 2016 American Crew Face Off competition finals!

Any one of these hot fellas all styled by Sofia could be in the running for the prestigious competition.

Stay tuned the winner will be announced this Sunday, 6 March!

Sofia has a knack with men’s hair and we asked her where her inspiration comes from:

I want my male customers looking cool and groovy with a kick ass cut! Way back when I was just 18 starting out, my first boss and mentor told me that a great cut should always last 8 weeks.  It could put me out of business but I know it is an amazing cut for my clients. Thanks Linden Cook for giving me this great advice.


For the manly men out there: How to grow and care for a beard

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Growing a beard can be an expression of freedom, but it’s also a commitment. Beards don’t take care of themselves any more than your hair or your lawn.


So when you’ve just past the stubble stage here are a few tips that we are confident you will achieve a luscious beard worthy of mention.


Just be warned – if you’re starting from scratch, it’s going to get itchy.  From no beard to weeks you will just have to man up and get through this stage – it will stop itching soon enough. A good beard oil to keep the area well moisturised will help.


In the first few days of stubble, you could try Soft Goat Scruff and Goatee Softener to soften the hairs and keep you sexy and kissable xx


Once you get through the first two weeks – here are our step … Read More »

New trends in hair colouring

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As colourists we are often asked what’s new in hair colour so here’s our pick of the bunch….

When looking at highlights girls are still having balayage some with chunkier ends.

Babylights are also really popular – they still look natural yet a progressive lightness is achieved.

Golden hues are making a come back and of course girls are still loving the pastel colours on platinum blonde hair.

Our advice is always respect your skin tone when picking colours. For example, cooler colours (ashes, violets, coffees and rose woods) work well with paler complexions and warm colours (reds, coppers, golds and chocolates) work well with bronzed complexions.

If you’re unsure, you could try a temporary coloured mousses like DeLorenzo’s NovaSemi can give you an idea of a what a new colour will look and feel like before going permanent.

Colour should … Read More »

Don’t miss your next appointment – rebook at your last!

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We’ve disappointed customers when they try to book an appointment at the drop of the hat and we don’t want that!

Next time you’re in for a service, rebook your next appointment before you leave!

Rebook at your next appointment and you will receive your loyalty card and be rewarded with a complimentary treat for every 4th rebook*!

Don’t miss out – mention our rebook program next time you’re in store!

*You must rebook on the day – bring your loyalty card with you for validation at every appointment.

De Lorenzo Novafusion Colour care shampoo

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Want to help your colour last longer and eliminate fade? 

Novafusion Colour care shampoo range was formulated by De Lorenzo to control colour fade in natural and coloured hair.

Using UV inhibitors and botanical extracts Novafusion Colour care range aims to improve condition and shine.

There are over 15 colours available in the Novafusion Colour care range to suit most hair colours and tones.




How to use Novafusion Colour care shampoo

Massage the Novafusion Colour care shampoo that matches your natural/coloured hair colour into freshly shampooed hair and leave in for up to 5 minutes.
Condition and style as desired.

That is it – SIMPLE – watch De Lorenzo’s video below to see Novafusion in action!!

Voila blondes are clean and not brassy, brunettes are rich, fashion colours are vibrant.

Here are some FAQs our beautiful customers ask us about De Lorenzo Novafusion Colour care shampoo

How much should I … Read More »

Happy Easter from us Sogo girls

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Wishing all you Sogo bunnies a safe and happy Easter! Eat, drink and be beautiful inside and out!

We will be shutting our doors over the Easter weekend (3-6 April) to scoff lots of yummy chocolates *we hope* but, if you fancy a bit of a holiday sprucing, we will reopen on the 7th April at 10am as normal!

Enjoy xx

Turn up the heat with De Lorenzo’s new range

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Don’t let styling your hair stress you out
If you love using hot irons, hair dryers and tongs all the time like we do – you are going to love  the new De Lorenzo Heat Defense range which works super hard to protect your hair from all the damaging effects of those hot elements! We have been using it when we are working on clients and the results speak for themselves.

Here are some of the questions our clients have been asking about the range we thought were interesting:
How does it work?
Those clever clogs at De Lorenzo’s scientifically engineered formulation using Aqua Therm Complex Technology provides the ultimate anti-breakage protection. It actually reduces hair breakage by up to 88% when you first use it.  We think that is pretty clever.

Does it suit all types of hair?

Yes yes yes  and yes!

What’s the best … Read More »

Create Hollywood glamour with soft curls

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For timeless glamour, nothing exudes elegance like luxurious soft curls darling!

To achieve the classic look, you can book a service here at Sogo and let us give you the full pamper treatment or you can coil your locks at home in a jiffy!

Here are our quick and easy steps to creating soft waves for medium to long hair:

on shampooed and lightly conditioned hair, spray in DeLorenzo’s Extinguish Thermal Spray and Kevin Murphy’s Shimmer Shine;
determine your parting;
dry off hair;
 using a medium curling iron , roll hair in horizontal sections taking section until the reference of your cheekbones . Start at bottom and work your way up.  Once hair has been heated uncoil and roll into a roller to cool down. Continue in a circular manner until you go all around the head;
(You can buy Kevin Murphy rollers from us at Sogo or … Read More »

2014 men’s hair style trends

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When it comes to trends in men’s hairstyles today, we are proud to stand up and shout that we know what we’re talking about – Sofia won the 2014 American Crew All Star Challenge at the end of last year and is off to Lisbon this April to flex her flair there!

Anyway, back to men’s hairstyle trends. Lets rewind the clock. Think Great Gatsby, think Mad Men, think rockabilly and get your quiff on with maybe a touch of Brit-rock indie thrown in for good measure!

Fellas the good news is that when it comes to men’s hairstyles – trends are long lived (think of us poor girls having to move with ever changing trends) so you should go for the look you like best and what actually suits the type of hair you have.

It is all about refining and creating … Read More »

Autumn colour trends for 2014

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As we kiss summer goodbye, it’s time to turn our attention to our dried and frazzled locks with a blast of colour to rejuvenate and add luxuriousness back to our hair.

Things are warming up as far as hair colour this autumn.

Lots of rich, rich reds and coppers

At root level a deep copper like Delorenzo’s Copper Gold range.  We’re seeing ends toned with a copper colour moisturiser like Revlon Professional 734.

Warm up your blonde

Blondes can use Delorenzo’s Auburn Novafusion colour shampoo to add warmth and richness without going too dark or brassy.

Of course, we are here on hand to help you achieve the warmth and depth you want using the most safest of products that are not tested on animals.  Contact us for a free colour consultation today!

Straighten your hair in 10 steps

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Straightening hair can be easily done by yourself in the comfort of your own home with the help of a few tools and products. Tools like big round brushes, sectioning clips, hairdryers and straightening irons are ideal for a smooth finished look. It is essential to use a thermal styling product to ensure your hair is protected from heating appliances. Here’s our 10 steps to straightening your hair

Start off with clean hair, spray in Delorenzo’s Extinguish thermal spray
Distribute smoothing out product like Delorenzo’s The ends or Eleven’s Miracle hair into wet hair and proceed to dry off
When semi dry (moist not drenched wet) start to section hair
Create your parting and comb into place
Starting at the front take diagonal sections just above the ear about 5cm thick. Place the round brush at root area and blow the air onto hair starting at the roots and proceed to … Read More »

A breath of fresh life for your summer hair

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Without a doubt those long summer days and all the fun times that go with the season, takes its toll on our hair. Here are some tips from us Sogo girls to rejuvinate your summer hair for a fresh look that lasts all summer long.

To give back moisture to your trusses, apply a couple of sprays of De Lorenzo’s Oil Balance with a mixture of soyabean, wheat germ and sunflower oils just before bed and sleep on it. Shampoo your hair when you ge up to enable the nourishment of Oil Balance to be locked in . As you know, water & oil don’t mix so any excess will be rinsed out .

After shampooing, the next step is to wring hair and spray a few sprays of De Lorenzo’s Protein Complex with oat peptides for strength and then apply desired … Read More »

Best wishes for the Festive Season

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Merry merry Christmas and a fabulous new year from Sogo Hair.

Heavens to Betsy!  Where has the year gone?

Just to let you know, Sogo Hair we will close from 23 December to celebrate Christmas with our families, reopening 27 – 29 December to get you all beautiful for your new year celebrations.

We will then reopen again on 7 January for the new year!

We wish you the best for a safe and very merry Christmas and look forward to pampering you in 2014.

American Crew All Star Challenge 2014

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Sofia takes American Crew All Star Challenge 2014 by the horns!

We are so excited that our very Sofia won the American Crew All Star Challenge 2014 with an award winning men’s styling that makes all us girls swoon.

A sumptuous cocktail event held at Shed 14 in Melbourne’s Docklands gave us an opportunity to frock up! We were competing with over 800 entries Australia wide and all the elite of the industry were there and we mingled with our peers to talk about exciting trends and kick up our heels!

The challenge is to style and groom the gorgeous fellas using latest techniques and delicious Amercian Crew products for a photograph competition to become the face of American Crew for 2014
Inspired by the classics, Sofia took the makes-me-weak-at-the-knees James Dean look and fussed his style into a modern David Beckham using the … Read More »

Melbourne Spring Summer Fashion 2013

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Sogo loves being part of Melbourne Spring Summer Fashion week .. Yasmin was behind the scenes with Kevin Murphy and others doing hair for the shows.

Aspya 2013

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Aspya 2013 and another great year. Organized by De Lorenzo, Aspya is a 3 day conference for Hairdressers . Both Sofia and Maz were asked to be part of a hair show on the night of the cocktail event during that time..

Maz WINS colour competition

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Well done Maz – your awesome work WON the DeLorenzo 2013 Photographic Colour Comp in Sydney this June.


Top 10 tips for beautiful hair in winter

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Winter is well and truly with us here in Melbourne.  Brrr.. the best thing about winter is getting dressed up in layers and warm coats, eating hearty food, sipping red wine and getting oh so cosy at home watching movies with the heating cranked up!  But, as for most of us, the reality is the cold outdoors and heating can dry out our hair and skin so it looks dull, lifeless and feels brittle.

Here are our top 10 tips for looking your best through the winter

First start from within – eating healthy has a direct impact on your hair and skin.  The best foods for helping hair and skin through the coldest months are poultry, blueberries, greek yoghurt, lentils, spinach, eggs, sweet potatoes, oysters, walnuts and salmon – YUM!!!
Use a protecting and repairing shampoo and conditioner to get you through … Read More »


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I married my beautiful partner, Hugh of 4 years in April 2011. Both of us have been customers of Sogo for several years so it was an obvious choice to have Maz and the girls do the bridal party’s hair on our big day. The style of the day was a 1960’s classic affair so leading up to the event, Maz helped me choose some retro hair styles. There was much brainstorming and trial of different techniques to get a result I was thrilled with. I really appreciated the extra effort Maz in particular made to research and style a hair piece to not only match my hair colour, but also the size and shape I wanted. Despite having two weddings booked for the day, the girls made us feel so relaxed and not at all rushed, even though they … Read More »


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My wedding day was lots and lots of fun getting ready with Maz. She worked tirelessly on my family, bridesmaids, flower girls and me. My hair exceeded all my expectations, she listened to what I wanted, then created the perfect version. Her professionalism and willingness to work at an offsite country location was really appreciated  and her sense of style and talent made me relaxed on a day  when you want everything to look perfect.


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Since Kaz and Maz moved to Sogo in 2001, I have been a regular, monthly client. I travel from Beechworth in North East Victoria and I have never been disappointed with my hair cut, colour, style or general pampering. Kaz, Maz, Sofia and Emma are exceptionally talented at their jobs.They are respectful of my wishes, yet ready to offer the most up-to-date advice to create new styles. Kaz , Maz, Sofia and Emma all have impressively exacting  hair cutting , styling and colouring skill.  Advice about how to maintain the style, colour and health of hair between salon visits is always practical and helpful. I always feel as if my hair is in great condition and looks exactly how i want it to look. My daughter is also a Sogo client and i would not hesitate to recommend  Sogo to anyone.

American Crew Face Off Competition 2012

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Congratulations Sofia… For being one of the three winners of the 2012 Face Off American Crew Competition

3 amazing and talented hairdressers are off to create and explore L.A in America..

Here are some happy snaps from the night




Bridal wedding hair and makeup #7

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Here’s a sneak peak of a shoot Sofia did for Catherine R Couture… Her gowns are amazing and the hair’s not that bad  either lol

Catherine R Couture | Purple Ribbon Weddings



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