Top 10 tips for beautiful hair in winter

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Winter is well and truly with us here in Melbourne.  Brrr.. the best thing about winter is getting dressed up in layers and warm coats, eating hearty food, sipping red wine and getting oh so cosy at home watching movies with the heating cranked up!  But, as for most of us, the reality is the cold outdoors and heating can dry out our hair and skin so it looks dull, lifeless and feels brittle.

Here are our top 10 tips for looking your best through the winter

  1. First start from within – eating healthy has a direct impact on your hair and skin.  The best foods for helping hair and skin through the coldest months are poultry, blueberries, greek yoghurt, lentils, spinach, eggs, sweet potatoes, oysters, walnuts and salmon – YUM!!!
  2. Use a protecting and repairing shampoo and conditioner to get you through the cooler months.  Ask us about our natural and vegan products.
  3. Wear a hat when you’re outdoors in winter – this will help protect it from the elements.
  4. Try not to wash your hair everyday to encourage the production of natural and nourishing oils by your scalp.
  5. Invest in a leave-in conditioner to help shield and enhance the strength, shine and elascticity of your hair during the cold winter weather.
  6. Have regular trims to get rid of split ends so your hair won’t become too brittle.
  7. Try not to wash your hair with hot hot water – even though we love hot showers in winter the heat of the water can dry out your scalp.
  8. How about going deeper and richer with colour. Chocolate and burgundy are good warming colours for dehydrated hair and look great in winter – of course, you can also enjoy eating chocolate and sipping burgundy!
  9. When changing hair colour maybe look into darkening our brows. If we are fairer in the lashes and brows tinting them makes our eyes pop!
  10. Change the tone of your makeup! As we tend to keep our skin covered up in the cole, we can generally get paler in winter so a lighter shade of foundation complements our skin tone over winter.
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