The low down when it comes to colouring hair

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Would you eat something that you knew was toxic but tasted great? You’d probably think twice about it and we Sogo girls definitely agree – you should say a big fat NO.

Here at Sogo, we want you to give hair dyes the same consideration – these are generally applied directly onto your scalp and can have some rather nasty implications like burning or irritating skin or even entering your bloodstream and seriously affecting your health. From experience, once there has been a reaction to these chemicals the irritation can potentially get worse each time thereafter.

Let’s not beat around the bush – toxic chemicals are used in hair dyes and bleaches. If you prefer to buy your own hair colour from a salon, chemist or supermarket – please please please do your research and check the ingredients on the packet. Conventional hair dyes and bleaches can contain some very dangerous, toxic ingredients. If you’ve been colouring your hair every 4-6 weeks for  years you could potentially have accumulated exposure to harmful chemicals.  With this in mind, finding a safer hair colouring option really does make very good sense!Some of the most common and dangerous ingredients used in hair dyes are:

  • ammonia
  • peroxide
  • p-phenylenediamine
  • diaminobenzene
  • toluene-2,5-diamine
  • resorcinol

At Sogo, we have partnered with DeLorenzo who produce colour products that are vegan and not tested on animals. This means that their colours will not damage hair or your scalp and there is nothing in them that will affect your health. Also, their colour range is so extensive that you will feel like a kid in a candy store. Thank goodness we know the ins and outs of colour choice and can help you create your signature look.

If you’d prefer a no brainer make a booking or call Sogo and we’ll help take the guess work out and give you a sensational do to boot.

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