Putting our passion into action when it comes to sustainability

Image for Because we give a damn article on sustainable practice at Sogo Hair

Becoming a sustainable salon is an integral part of Sogo; for us Sogo sisters as women and what we stand for – reducing the depletion of our natural resources while maintaining ecological balance. We set about working out what we could do and how sustainability could be integrated into the very core of Sogo Hair salon and our culture.

It all started when we moved to our current location in 2011 and made a conscious decision to minimise our carbon footprint. We started looking for ways to satisfy the needs of today while minimising the impact on our future generations.

Initially, we let go of our clothes dryer for drying our towels. Towels are an important part of a busy salon but we needed to find an alternative that made sense for the environment and was sustainable. We took on Eco Towels for their super absorbency and biodegradability. Not only were we cutting down on our electricity use, these little beauties biodegrade over time without leaving any nasty landfill.

Aligning ourselves with companies that have the same integral values as us, helps us sleep better at night!

We consider ourselves very lucky to have De Lorenzo supply us with optimum products that are certified vegan and manufactured here in Australia with Australian ingredients. Not only that, the De Lorenzo factory is already accredited sustainable in its operations. They have a purifying water system that collects rain water and rids it of any impurities. The whole factory is powered by solar panelling and all product packaging is recyclable.

Our partnership with Sustainable Salons Australia (SSA) since 2015 – an innovative social enterprise coordinating salons in Australia and New Zealand to recycle waste, hair, metals and plastics for lots of really cool initiatives. Check out our tally of donations to Sustainable Salons Australia so far.

Through this partnership with SSA, Sogo was awarded a Green accreditation from the Australian Hairdressing Council for excellence in green initiatives in the salon environment.

Of course, there’s always more we can and are committed to doing but so far, we think this is not bad for a group of busy little Sogo bees.