Cover your roots between appointments with Retouch Me

Do you get greys popping up between appointments?

Our clever friends at Kevin Murphy have come up with a temporary cover up designed to be used in-between salon visits. Start with dry hair and spray onto the grey hair you want gone…like magic…

Now you see grey…now you don’t!

A few quick sprays send microfine, light reflective colour pigments onto your hair to blend the greys. The Citrus Extracts and Tangerine Peel also provides that extra shine… Who doesn’t want that?

Let the colour spray dry into your hair before you touch it. You will see it instantly covers your greys ​and you can style as normal.

It’s that perfect root touch up between salon visits and just like having one of us Sogo girls home with you.


Get your Retouch Me next time you’re at Sogo Hair!